Nao Holistic | Guided Meditation, Healing Massage, Personal Centering
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Guided Meditation, Healing Massage, Personal Centering

Nao’s Approach

Nao is a personal health and well-being consultant. She offers an individualized massage that combines deep tissue manipulation, acupressure reflexology, guided meditation, and Japanese energy work. She identifies and releases mental and physical blocks and guides clients to a quiet, centered state. She then shifts their mind and body forward to a positive direction. Nao is available for home and office visits. 


About Nao

Nao has been a practitioner of “Setai Doho” for over 25 years and was previously a student of its leading masters since she was 17.  “Seitai Doho” is an ancient Japanese practice using energy work combined with a knowledge of how the body moves.  Nao uses these specific techniques in her massage to help free your mind and body in the most effective and natural way.

Nao holds an ITEC Diploma 3 in Holistic Massage and is a registered member of FHT. She is also qualified to practice Balinese lymphatic body and facial massage, Ayurveda basic massage, and massage for pregnant women. She is a certified (Hatha) yoga alliance instructor and macrobiotic food advisor.

Nao serves clients around the world and is based in London, Tokyo, and New York City.


What is the philosophy behind your practice?

I believe everyone has a reservoir of energy that is unique to each person. We sometimes don’t realize we have something so grand and deeply powerful within us. My job is to help clients connect and tap into their potential and view the world with fresh eyes.

What do you expect your clients to feel after a session?

The end of the session should be a new start. Clients should feel light, calm, and more aware and in tune with the world. All clients have their own unique goals and I work towards them.

How do you connect with clients?

I approach each session with a deep sense of gratitude and respect. I think it is a privilege for me to be allowed into a client’s personal space and to engage them on a deeper level. As a symbol of my respect, every session begins and ends with a bow. The initial contact is almost always about discovering a client’s state. From there, it is a journey that we take to find positive strength.

—It is so inspiring to share this with you. —


For Home & Office Visits

A Holistic approach designed to relieve tension & to restore your inner flow.

60 mins  £65
75 mins  £75
90 mins  £90

*Please note there will be an additional fee charged for transportation.

Before the first session, we will spend about 10 minutes discussing your conditions and goals to find the best way to move forward using a combinations of techniques below:

  • Acupressure reflexology
  • Deep tissue manipulation
  • Balinese lymphatic massage
  • Japanese healing massage
  • Ancient Japanese energy work
  • Guided meditation

*Sessions will be conducted on a Japanese mattress.
*Please wear comfortable & loose clothing.
*All sessions are payable in cash & cheques only.
*For cancellation & re-booking, please message 48 hours before your session day so clients on waiting list can have a chance to be booked.

Contact Nao